CT Summer Select


Congratulations to CT Summer Select™ Member Jenna Bike for being selected to the US U14 Women’s National Team Jenna Bike has been with the CT Summer Select™ program since its inaugural season in 2010 and will return in the summer of 2012 to play for the U14 team.Jenna is a former player of Trumbull United and currently on CFC Arsenal, coached by Sean Driscoll and Scott McBride.

We wish Jenna all the best at the National Camp and look forward to seeing her on the field this summer with the CT Summer Select™ program.

CT Summer Select Directors:

NOGA CT Summer Select Director's Scott McBride & Magnus Nilerud have been recognized and awarded NCSAA NCAA Division II East Regional, Assistant and Coach of the year respectively, to read more on their awards click on the link below.

Scott McBride Read Biography
Magnus Nilerud Read Biography
CT Summer Select


CT Summer/Winter Select is the original summer/winter program.   Since its inaugural season in 2010, the program has grew steadily in numbers close to 40% annually.  Due to increased demand and continued success, the program has recently began opening several geographical branches – Fairfield County North (Home Base hosted at the University of Bridgeport); Fairfield County South (Hosted at St. Luke’s High School); Westchester Branch (Hosted at Rye Brook High School) , and Massachusetts Branch (Hosted at AIC, Springfield) and the most recent branches Western branch (Hosted in Newtown Area) as well as New Haven County Branch (Hosted at Choate Rosemary and Yale University).


CT Summer Select practices twice a week between the 3rd week of June to the middle of August and participates in 3 tournaments over the summer; one in the beginning, one halfway through the season and one to finish off the season.  In addition, at no additional cost , we offer  an additional Strength and Conditioning session optional to ALL our members ; Goalkeeper specific training ; and a free CT Summer Select Jamboree 3v3 tournament in July, regardless of branch.

CT Winter Select practices once a week between January and March and participates in two winter indoor day-tournaments in-state.

Program Goals

This is a program that has been designed to help each individual develop as a player, regardless of their level of play. We have created a proven successful curriculum that will help meet such goals. Each individual, regardless if he/she is a recreational player that strives to make a travel team or the high-level regional/national team player fits under this one-of-a-kind individual-created curriculum.

Since we operate under completely different terms than traditional travel/premier teams, we are NOT at the mercy of measuring ourselves in terms of wins/losses, thus, it gives us complete freedom to develop the individual player solely at his/her potential without the expense of jeopardizing a team’s result!

Since we do NOT compete with travel/premier teams, and only operate during their “off-period”, many programs endorse the CT Summer/Winter Select program. If there are ever conflicts with our players original club team during summer practices and/or tournaments, our players are ALWAYS told to stay with their original club teams, unless club team coach gives them permission to participate with us.

Our Commitment To You

As the leader in the summer/winter program business, we pride ourselves at always being the best. We have the best coaching staff in the state, if not in the region; we have the best facilities in the region; we are the ONLY program that have a written coaching curriculum!  We promise you a safe and fun experience in a highly developmental environment.

Even though we are a seasonal program,  we now offer you YEAR ROUND COMMITMENT  to ALL our players. We promise to provide each player and their families with a fully detailed evaluation as well as consultation for your soccer-based decisions. The detailed CT Summer Select evaluation will help us to track your child’s progress on a yearly basis. Furthermore, with a constantly changing soccer environment in CT, we will help you as a family understand the environment, what options that are offered in the state, and what we believe is the best option for your son/daughter. Upon receipt of such evaluation, the directors of the program will sit down with your family face to face for a free consultation. We feel due to our experience in all levels of soccer in the area, along with our completely unbiased views, we will offer you an individual perspective that can be offered by NO OTHER PROGRAM!

Parent Education

Our program is primarily for the children, however, we, as opposed to other programs want parents involved. This is YOUR program as much as ours. Thus, we encourage parents of players to attend our practices to watch and educate themselves about the game. We also encourage ALL parents to  attend any post-season chalk-talk with our coaches after each game at tournaments. Both of these will provide invaluable insight into the educational piece of our coaches as well as provide a good base for parents to learn further about the game or structure of our highly rated coaching approach and help you appreciate the game when you watch your son/daughter with his/her original club team.