U12 Boys & Girls
U12 CT Summer Select (TM) Girls & Boys



Below are the practice rosters for the 2012 CT Summer Select teams. The UB branch will practice age appropriate since it is in its 3rd operating season; 
The St. Luke's branch will, as advertised practice together with two age groups. All practice schedules are posted under the Practice Schedule tab.
If you see your son/daughter not listed, or listed in the wrong age group or branch, please contact us at ctsummerselect@gmail.com


CT Summer Select™ certainly understands the time commitment that families put in during the summer months and juggling multiple schedules and vacation time. As a result, CT Summer Select™ will do all they can to maintain a consistent practice schedule/tournament schedule year after year, to ease the burden of multiple family participants and allow for scheduling in advance. In addition, the practice schedule is staggered so that the next age group above or below, practice at different times, allowing for individuals to attend a different age group’s practice should schedule prevent them for attending its regular practice. For example, if a U10 boy has a doctor’s appointment on its normal practice time, he can attend the U9 or U11 practice on this day.

Each player will be put in an environment where they will be challenged at practice while at the same time having fun developing all of the skills required to progress in his/her technical and tactical game. This will establish a consistent sense of achievement and a lasting love for the game of soccer. In addition to practices and the three tournaments, the program will host a jamboree in where our teams will compete against other Summer Select branches as well as an internal 4v4 tournament.

All CT Summer Select™U13 and above will be offered a state-of-the-art T4 Soccer performance assessment. This is the latest in soccer-specific tests that evaluate speed, agility, power and aerobic and anaerobic endurance. These tests are supported by scientific research and they objectively evaluate a player’s physical soccer performance.

As the program grows to the older ages, the aim is to offer the older teams exposure to top European tournaments and appropriate level college showcases. To fund programs as such, CT Summer Select™ have several fundraising programs established to ease the burden for such an added expense.


Furthermore, the program will host College Seminars for older age groups with highly respected college coaches from all divisions in attendance.

CT Summer u12 Select teams will be attending the following summer tournaments:

  • Suffield Soccer Tournament, CT, June 23rd-24th
  • Clifton Park International Soccer Classic, July 7th-8th
  • Wallingford TWIST, CT, August 18th-20th

Practice Dates:

All practices will be held at the Knight’s Field at the University of Bridgeport, CT

2012 Season practices will start week of June 18th

Bridgeport U12 Girls Practice/Tournament Roster
U12 GIRLS practice roster
1 Jeanette
2 F Erin
3 P Renee
4 Caitie
5 A Annie
6 Y Emily
7 G Catarina
8 Molly
9 Kate
10 Z Grace
11 B Sara
12 S Anna
13 M Morgan
14 B Tory
15 J Isabella
16 B Kaleigh
17 Camryn
18 Alex
19 Lauren
20 Brady-Ann
21 S Ashley
22 S Sophia
23 M Molly
24 M Caroline
25 Sarah
Head Coach: Rich Hickson
Email: hicks2682@hotmail.com
Asst Coach: Kelly D'Ambrisi
Email: kdambrisi@gmail.com
Manager: Cindy Debek
Email: cdebek@debekres.com

U12 Girls Combined Ffd County North & South Tournament Roster
1 Jeanette
2 P Renee
3 A Annie
4 Y Emily
5 G Catarina
6 Molly
7 Kate
8 Z Grace
9 B Sara
10 S Anna
11 M Morgan
12 B Tory
13 J Isabella
14 R Camryn
15 R Alex
16 T Lauren
17 L Brady-Ann
18 M Caroline
19 Sarah
20 B Emily
21 R Katie
22 B Onora
23 L Zoe
24 M Molly
25 N Jackie
P1 F Erin
P2 L Caitie
P3 B Kaleigh
P4 S Sophia
P5 S Ashley
P6 B Natalie
Head Coach: Rich Hickson
Email: hicks2682@hotmail.com
Asst Coach: Kelly D'Ambrisi
Email: kdambrisi@gmail.com
Manager: Cindy Debek
Email: cdebek@debekres.com
Bridgeport U12 Boys Practice/Tournament Roster
U12 BOYS practice roster
1 William
2 Tyler
3 Connor
4 Peter
5 Anthony
6 Kevin
7 Vincent
8 Nathan
9 Ishan
10 Kyle
11 Kyle
12 Sebastian
13 Scott
14 TBD
15 TBD
16 TBD
17 TBD
Head Coach: Rui Fernandes
Email: rpfernandes19@yahoo.com
Asst Coach: Fernando Fernandes
Email: fernfernandes@yahoo.com
Manager: Jim Taylor
Email: jjtplumb@charter.net

U12 Boys Combined Ffd County North & South Tournament Roster
1 William
2 B Tyler
3 S Connor
4 W Peter
5 B Anthony
6 Kevin
7 B Vincent
8 U Nathan
9 N Ishan
10 P Kyle
11 Kyle
12 Sebastian
13 Alex
14 R Jonathan
15 Brenden
16 H Dylan
17 Alex
18 B Sean
19 S Mead
20 John
21 C Kevin
22 B Kristo
23 N Jack
24 Scott
P1 R Sam
Head Coach: Rui Fernandes
Email: rpfernandes19@yahoo.com
Asst Coach 1: Fernando Fernandes
Email: fernfernandes@yahoo.com
Asst Coach 2: Aaron Curtis
Email: aaronecurtis@hotmail.com
Manager: Jim Taylor
Email:  jjtplumb@charter.net